10 Signs That A Woman Has Not Been Sexually Active

That A Woman Has Not Been Sexually Active

After meeting your girl for the first time, you expect her to be fully packed. What do I mean? This is it! She is kind, playful, and gorgeous.

Is that enough?

Not at all.

You would also check if she is everything you would like a girlfriend to be. As a man, you would also love to spend most of your time with her, kissing each other, hugging, and talking about your future.

However, as time passes, you might realize she is so shy about what you are doing. Her behavior to you can be questionable. How she stops you from talking about sex or something sexual tells more.

Could it be a sign that a woman has not been sexually active? You may ask yourself. Could it be it is your first date?

In other case, low libido and painful sex experience of a woman can be a reason she don’t want to get indulge in same bizarre experience.

If you are wondering the same and your relationship has been perfect except for that case, then a significant indicator is that she has not been sexually active. So you need to hold your horses since there are also different reasons why she is sexually inactive.

Let’s dive in to understand some essential signs she has not been sexually active to avoid doubts.

Watch out!

Vital Signs That a Woman Has Not Been Sexually Active

First, it is essential to note that you cannot conclude your girlfriend is not sexually active the moment you start dating. It can take you some months or so to decide that.

Further, as you move on to romantic activities, you can keep gathering some tips about her, which can finally help you conclude your thoughts.

Some signs below can assist you in understanding your situation and understand the causes behind it. Keep reading.

Absence of Sexual Experience

Many ladies who lack sexual experience are not sexually active. In many cases, they are always anxious and hesitant about sexual action.

Also, you can find that she is not comfortable when you are chatting about sexual matters. Such indication shows that, in one way or another, she has not been sexually active.

Sex Avoidance

Another important indicator that could tell a lady has not been sexually active is how she avoids sexual activities. Perhaps it can be due to a lack of interest, health challenges, or her personal preference.

However, if the woman extends the refusal to sex, this tells you more that she has not been active in that area. Otherwise, you can pressure her more, though it won’t help since you can lose it all.

Lack of Confidence

Different things can affect women’s confidence. Some of them include low self-esteem and challenges with their body shape.

Likewise, when this situation exists, you can find that they are refraining from sex at all costs. In many cases, women fear judgment. So, she will work out her games through avoidance of sexual talks. However, sexual confidence can be gained slowly after she becomes sexually active.

Lack of Intimate Partner

Ladies who have not been active sexually are not likely to have had intimate partners. The lack of a sexual partner indicates she has not been active sexually.

Lack of Desire in Sex

Sexual desire mostly comes about when you are sexually active. However, if the girl is not interested in sex or attractive to men, it is a better sign to tell she has not been sexually active.

Experience is the best master. Therefore, when you find a woman lacking sexual desire, you should not worry about her. It is only that she is not active in that area.

Limitation to Sexual Fantasies

Those women who experience sexual fantasies are very active in sexual activities. Such fantasies are good when both partners are ready to arouse each other for sex games.

Thus, it is good to take time to learn about the lady since that is not only a sign that she is not active sexually. However, it is one of the alarming signs. So, it is essential to investigate her whereabouts further.

Lack of Genital Changes

The women’s body is different from the men’s. During their puberty, some changes are noticed. Such changes are essential to prepare them for various activities that involve sex.

Different changes in ladies include breast development, pubic hair, and hips widening. Therefore, if your girlfriend lacks these changes, she could be among those who have not been active sexually.

Never Entertain Sexual Conversation

Ladies who have not been sexually active never entertain sexual conversation. The main reason is that they have no idea what to say or not. Also, they don’t have any advice to offer or sexual experience to discuss.

Lack of Sexual Knowledge

Women who have not been sexually active are not educated about sexual activities. Sexual lessons are essential since they help ladies to understand more about sex pleasures, sexual health, and contraception.

A lack of sexual education for a woman can mean she is not interested or she has not been active sexually. In that case, she needs more interruption to her friends who are knowledgeable on sexual matters.

Lack of Knowledge About Birth Control

Shyness and Difficulty in Pleasing

Many women who know more about birth control are experienced in sexual activities. However, if you find a woman does not have an idea of any birth control like hormonal contraceptives, condoms, or any other, she might not have been active sexually.

Those who are sexually active know what to use or not. Due to their high experience with sex, some women can advise each other on suitable methods that cannot harm their health or sexual life.

What Can Be the Cause of Lack of Sexual Desire

There are different reasons why some women don’t have sexual desire. Some factors are there that can impact ladies to desire sex. Walk with me to learn more.

Changes in Hormones: The imbalances of hormones in ladies are the key factor hindering sexual desire.

Long-Term Relationship: Persistence issues in relationships can affect ladies ‘ desire to have sex desire. Poor communication and trust problems are the significant challenges that impact sexual arousal.

Prolonged Stress: It is impossible to focus on sexual activities if you have higher stress levels. Instead, you will look for ways to evade the sexual conversation with your partner.

Issues of Body Images: Another thing that makes women engage in sexual activity is poor self-esteem or negative attitudes toward their body image.

Earlier Trauma: In many cases, different women have past trauma that hinders them from getting involved in various activities in life. For instance, when she passes through sexual abuse, you expect her to avoid sexual duties at all costs.

If that case is not dealt with immediately it happened, then a woman will suffer denial in her lifetime. So, the girl will need someone trained to counsel her to eliminate that fear or abuse.

Lack of Experience and Knowledge in Sex: Different ladies feel not uncomfortable engaging in sexual activities since they are not experienced. So they keep on dodging whenever a time comes when a partner needs to talk about sexual topics.

she hates it

As a man, you must understand your partner to avoid embarrassment. Identification of some factors related to not being sexually active can help you know how you can approach her and address the issues.


Sеxuality in womеn has many nuancеs and complеxitiеs. Rеcognizing thе warning symptoms of sеxual inactivity in a woman may shеd light on hеr mеntal and physical hеalth, as well as her relationship goals and expectations. 

Whеn males address thеsе circumstances with empathy, opеn communication, and rеspеct for limits, thеy sеt thе stage for the growth of hеalthy and lasting rеlationships with sеxually inactivе womеn.Realizing that every woman’s life is different and taking thе timе to lеarn about hеr wants and nееds is crucial to crеating a lasting bond with anothеr pеrson. 


What happens when a female is not sexually active?

Some women starts to become mentally unstable and start getting mood swings, Mean while some feel quite the opposite they get more pleasant and joy in their mind because having less sexual or negative thoughts leads to peace in mind.  

When a girl is more sexually active?

It used to be after 18 years but in todays world that number has decreased quite significantly some get sexually active before they turn 18 while some don’t get ready after 18 so it totally depends on her lifestyle and personality.

Who is more sexually active female?

The one who frequently indulge in sexual activity like watching adult content or spending time with friends who are more into such activities.

What attracts a woman to a man sexually?

Men who are storing in both physical and emotional level are more attractive to women in general, But in some cases men’s beards can be a good attractive point to certain women as it shows manliness and more of a maturity in the sense.

What makes a woman attracted to a man physically?

A well groomed guy can be eye for the feast for the woman because no matter how much we talk about other factors looks wins as it gives solid first impression to a woman, A woman will only indulge in conversation with a guy if he’s good looking(Appearance and Clothing sense)

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