Can You Meditate Lying Down? (How to Guide)

Meditate Lying Down

Many folks would rather refresh themselves in a serene, peaceful area. You would want to take a break and reflect on many topics after spending a long time exploring.

What is the proper posture now? Is it possible to stand or sit? I am aware that you are still unsure about the feasibility of lying down to meditate. You should only be somewhat bothered by this, though. We shall clarify whether or not you can meditate while lying down in this post.

However, posture while meditation is not really significant. The alignment of your spine and comfort should be your top priorities.

Let’s get started and learn more about the position used during lying down meditation.

The best exercise for bolstering your body’s communication with your thoughts and emotions is meditation. Selecting the posture that is most comfortable is essential. Make sure your body is as steady as it can be.

It is advisable to meditate while lying down if sitting causes you pain or discomfort. Using the appropriate methods will make your journey more efficient.

What Are the Advantages of Meditating While Lying Down?

If you take the time to meditate while lying down, you can experience several advantages. Among the benefits include

Sense Refreshment

Sense Refreshment

Your body will always want more rests following strenuous activities or prolonged sitting. As a result, lying down will make you feel more rejuvenated. In addition, your muscles may tire out following a strenuous workout.

When you need to release any built-up muscle tension, lying down is essential. Selecting a laying meditation position might help you achieve deep relaxation.

Control Discomfort and Pain

Back, hip, and leg discomfort are common complaints among those who contemplate seated meditation. Nonetheless, the physical tension release is enjoyed by individuals who choose the lying down position.

Therefore, it is important to use the most effective strategy for meditating whenever feasible, especially if you are one of the individuals who find that a specific meditation stance causes you pain or suffering.

Improve the Sleeping Quality

Improve the Sleeping Quality

Your symptoms of sleeplessness will lessen if you meditate regularly. Then, before you leave your resting place, you have to engage in mindfulness exercises.

Your quality of sleep would be improved by meditation. Your sleep issues will go after a few meditation sessions. Why then are you unable to give it a try?

How Can You Make the Practice More Effective?

To make lying down meditation effective, there are a few things to keep in mind. You must take the actions listed below. Continue reading.

Before You Begin, Determine the Duration and Type of Meditation to Take

It’s crucial to know the method to employ before starting a meditation practice. Determining the session’s duration is also crucial. You won’t have any trouble working out the practice if you give it your best.

Choosing the Right Attire that Is Comfortable for Any Session

Prior to concentrating on your meditation practice, you should choose cozy clothes that will help you go asleep.

Since you need to focus throughout your sessions, wearing the incorrect clothes might have an impact. In addition, the material snagging on the sides will annoy you and waste time.

Ensure There Is No Distractions

Maintaining quiet throughout the sessions is crucial in order to prevent distractions. Additionally, you may let others know that nearby events are taking place so they can reduce the amount of noise they make.

Meditation Practice Should Be Consistent

Lying down to meditate is a really healthful practice. Thus, the finest habit to improve your quality of life is frequent meditation.

You need to assess your daily schedule and determine a part-time that gives you enough time for productive meditation.

Maintain the Good Posture

In addition to lying down, you need to make sure your spine is extended when you meditate. You should also assess how calm your body is. Maybe you think you should give yourself a back rub. Then, make sure that everything is in order so that you may enjoy a wonderful meditation experience.

How to Meditate Lying Down: Best Positions to Use

When selecting a laying meditation position, there are several factors to take into account. Your body should be in a comfortable stance, not one that might hurt it or make you seem foolish.

Lying on the floor of the house with a yoga mat under you is the most suitable position for practicing true meditation. Up to the finish of the workout, you will be comfortable if you have some cushioning or support.

Corpse Pose

It is necessary to lie on your back and look upwards in order to use this strategy. Verify that your chin is gently tucked in. You also need to have your arms extended at the sides with your palms facing up and open.

Verify that your entire body is at ease. Furthermore, your hands and feet should automatically turn outward. Adding more pillow cushions beneath the knees can provide excellent support.

Lying in a Semi Supine Position

The most effective and pleasurable way to meditate while you’re sleeping is in the prone position. All you have to do is lay on your back, kneeling with your feet flat on the floor.

You can also bend your knees inward and keep your feet broader than your hips. This comfortable stance has the potential to elevate your meditation practice.

Important Meditation Techniques

It is up to you to decide which laying meditation technique is best suitable for you. While lying down, you can go over many choices in different meditations. Come along to discover more.

Sleep Meditation

A natural benefit of using the lying down approach for meditation is that it might help you sleep better. All you have to do is stay composed and use the prone posture.

You can benefit in your instance by using a meditation app. Otherwise, don’t panic if the app is unavailable. Unwinding by yourself might suffice.

Breathing Meditation

You have to make sure that you are breathing into your stomach while using this position strategy. Lying down makes it very simple to extend and make touch with your stomach.

Body Scan Meditation

While body scan meditation is beneficial, it does demand that you focus your entire consciousness on each and every aspect of your body.

If you want to use less muscles, you can opt to lie down. By doing this, you will be able to focus on your body part without having to use your muscles to engage them.

How to Avoid Sleeping While Meditating Lying Down

It’s normal to nod off when lying down. It may, however, have an impact on your meditation aim. What are you expected to do now in order to stay awake? Continue reading.

Never Meditate While in Bed: Make sure you finish your meditation session from your bed if you wish to do so successfully.

Always keep your eyes open when meditating: It is imperative that you become aware. Many people who like to sleep with their eyes closed will avoid falling asleep during meditation if they keep their eyes open.

Install a Cooling System in Your Room:Your room has to be cool if you wish to meditate while lying down and stay awake. Unless they are sick, nobody can sleep in a chilly atmosphere.

Staying Hydrated While in Meditation Session:As with any meditation practice, make sure your body is well hydrated beforehand. In such scenario, you won’t have any sleep disruptions during your training.

Avoid Taking Meditation After Waking Up: Many folks automatically nod out right away. Thus, it might greatly benefit your meditation practice to attempt to meditate while lying down at that time.


Meditation is a potent tool for achieving unattainable goals and experiencing eternal happiness, but it also requires discipline and following the right procedures.

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