10 Clever Ways to Test Your partner’s Loyalty

How to find partner's loyalty

Our brains have a natural inclination to prioritize negative thoughts as a protective mechanism, but this tendency can sometimes lead us to be skeptical about our partner’s fidelity, even when they are genuinely loyal.

People have an inherent curiosity about their partner’s honesty because they desire a devoted and trustworthy relationship.

A study conducted by William Park for BBC revealed that those who remain faithful to their partners have a higher success rate in maintaining healthy relationships, especially considering that more than one-fourth of Americans have experienced infidelity at least once.

To ensure a healthy relationship, it’s crucial to assess your partner’s honesty. That’s why I decided to try out these “10 clever ways to test your partner’s loyalty” discreetly, without causing any emotional harm.

Check Their Social Media Activity

In today’s digital age, social media has become a vital part of people’s lives. It serves as a platform for socializing, sharing moments, and connecting with friends and family.

Many individuals spend their time on these platforms, engaging in various activities like posting images, liking, and commenting on content. Additionally, some people turn to online dating sites to find a partner, with millions of individuals worldwide using these platforms for that purpose.

While social media offers opportunities to meet new people and foster relationships, it also comes with its share of challenges.

Some individuals, even those in committed relationships, may seek companionship outside of their partnerships. Responsible use and prioritizing real-life connections can mitigate negatives and foster a healthier social media experience.

Social media

An example is “lovers” opening more than one account for purposes of cheating. If your partner has more than 1 account in either Facebook, twitter or any chatting app consider that a red flag.

If you are concerned about your partner’s loyalty, you may be tempted to check their social media activity.

While it’s essential to maintain trust in a relationship, it’s also crucial to address any doubts or insecurities you may have. Open communication is the key to resolving such issues and strengthening your bond.

Even though, it’s important to be mindful of privacy and respect your partner’s personal space. Checking their social media activities can save you from a lot of unwanted diseases.

Having an open conversation with your partner about your feelings and concerns about social media activities is the way to go. Expressing your emotions and listening to their perspective can lead to a deeper understanding and trust between both of you.

Observe how they handle their gadgets

When a partner becomes secretive about their phone, devices, or online activities, it can be a cause for concern in a relationship. In instances where a call comes in and your partner goes out to receive the call or hangs it up can raise eye brows.

Heating spouses may also hide when texting with people they have an intimate chemistry outside their relationship.

Trust is the foundation of a strong relationship. If one partner is always secretive, it can break the trust that was built over time. It makes the other person feel unsure and less secure in the relationship.

Keeping secrets can also create emotional distance between partners. If someone feels like they can’t share their true self or talk openly, it creates a wall to emotional closeness. Secrets can also affect communication. When important things are hidden, it’s hard to resolve conflicts or deepen the relationship through honest talks.

The lack of transparency can make the other partner anxious. They may worry about what’s being hidden and feel stressed. Excessive secrecy can lead to feelings of loneliness and being left out. When someone is secretive, it can make the other person feel isolated within the relationship.

To have a healthy relationship, it’s important to find the right balance between privacy and openness. Open and honest communication is the key.

If one partner feels uncomfortable with the level of secrecy, they should talk about it calmly. Working together to understand each other’s needs can help build trust and maintain a healthy relationship.

Ask For Their Phone Passcode

Passcode for phone

This is another surest way to know if your partner is having an intimate chemistry outside your relationship.

Passcodes shouldn’t be something to hide from your loved one and therefore it becomes a red flag its hidden. Others also tend to change passcodes after every meet ups which is not right.

In this digital era, gadgets have emerged that also uses fingerprint as security measures. You can decide to add your finger as a an alternative way to access your partners gadgets.

Even though, it may seem invasion of privacy, its crucial to understand who you are dating and therefore it is an important call.

Remember, also that having access to your partner passcodes can also be a double-aged sword. You might end up getting hurt if you appear to be so nosy. Therefore, it is important for individuals to talk it through to clear any issues of doubt.

Crate a conspiracy theory

When someone is cheating there is a tendency of guilt coming into play without a knock. A little shake or question of their loyalty can surely prove to be one of ways to know your partner is cheating. Human behavior is actually engineered to show fear or some form of guilt when something is not done right.

An instance, you can decide to ask your partner randomly to check their car. If, he/she portrays a defensive character you just have to know there is something hidden.

Ask Random Questions

In your quest to strengthen your relationship and explore your partner’s loyalty, consider engaging in meaningful conversations by asking some thought-provoking questions. These inquiries can lead to a deeper understanding and a more profound connection between you and your partner.

“Where do you see us in the future together?” By asking this question, you invite your partner to share their aspirations and long-term goals for the relationship. Their response can provide valuable insights into their commitment and dedication to building a life together.

“Tell me something you’ve never shared before.” Encouraging your partner to reveal something new and personal creates an environment of trust and vulnerability. It shows that you value their thoughts and emotions, fostering a deeper sense of closeness.

“What does honesty mean to you in our relationship?” By discussing your partner’s perspective on honesty, you open the door to meaningful conversations about trust and mutual expectations. This exchange can enhance the foundation of trust in your relationship.

Plan Fake Solo Trip

I would not recommend such a move but if you can handle its consequences you can try. Once in a while take a trip and do not disclose when you are coming back.

Staying unpredictable can reveal to you a lot of hidden things that happen in your house when you are not around. You can be able to know what people visit your partner and what time they come.

You can also be able to capture in and out patterns of your spouse which is very fundamental to your quest. Assuming your partner goes for shopping every Friday. It happens he/she goes out thrice that week buying stuffs in small portions then you need to be mildly scandalized.

In the event of discovering fishy behaviors, I would recommend for partners to have a sitting and calmly discuss what’s affecting their relationship.

Use Your Instinct

Understanding your partner’s feelings and intentions can often be quite straightforward by observing their daily behavior and mood when you interact with them.

By being attentive to how they act and react, you can gain valuable insights into whether their feelings are genuine or if they might be playing with your emotions.

Trusting your intuition in these situations can be helpful, as it can help you sense any potential dishonesty or changes in their behavior.

For instance, if your partner becomes less interested in being intimate with you, it might be a sign that something is amiss. Cheating or being involved with someone else can indeed affect a person’s sexual desire and behavior in their current relationship.

Paying attention to your partner’s behavior and using your intuition can offer important clues about the state of your relationship.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to remember that communication is key. If you have any concerns or doubts, it’s best to address them openly and honestly with your partner. Honest communication allows both of you to share your feelings and thoughts, which can lead to a deeper understanding and stronger bond in your relationship.

Trick your partner with your friend

Well, this approach sounds crude, but you can try if you feel it’s worth it, mind you need a stronger heart to do this.

The reason why I say its crude and also dangerous is that your friend might end up falling for your lover. And before you know it, boom! They are dating and you are left single. Funny, right?.

So you give your friend your partners number and he/she tries o bring up a conversation about them two dating. If your partner falls for it, then he /she has failed the loyalty test.

Tracking movements

This approach requires total dedication and energy because it is not an easy exercise. One is required to follow partners in almost all places he/she visits to ascertain if there is some kind of infidelity.

One of the ways is manually following your partner closely to every destination visited can use a vehicle or just by foot, it is a tiresome approach but if you need answers you have to.

Another way is by the use of GPS tracking or checking areas your partner has visited through their phone. You might get lucky to get areas mostly visited by your partner which are never mentioned.

Using informants/Spies

This approach may require some money because there are informants who get paid to do that job. They may use phones and audios for recording and later send it you. It is also important to use people whom you can trust especially if the information is delivered verbally. Some people may just want to ruin rather break your relationship.

Alternatively, you can use your spy’s information to truly test your friend’s loyalty by verifying it yourself. Do not just ran into conclusion, instead, interrogate your partner and let him/her say something.

Ask the Question, What is An Appropriate Timeframe To Consider Before Making a Commitment To Me?

This question is quite simple but some may find it quite hard if they are not ready for a serious relationship. Your partner will share with you the duration they believe is necessary to feel secure in a relationship before committing to someone. All you need to do is assess your current time together and see if it aligns with their expectations.

Even if you are a relatively new couple, asking this question is essential as it provides insight into their views on loyalty. If they typically take a few months to commit, your chances are promising. If he/she is undecided then you might be wasting your time.

However, if it usually takes them a few years, it’s crucial to consider whether you are genuinely willing to wait for such a commitment. Consider your own life goals and priorities. Are you at a stage where you are ready to invest several years into a relationship before reaching a commitment? Assess whether your own timeline aligns with the potential commitment timeline of your partner


Every individual is unique, and not everyone fits the same patterns or behaviors. It’s possible for someone to be loyal even if they exhibit some of the signs we discussed above. Therefore, it’s essential to approach these observations with caution and not jump to conclusions.

To address any concerns in your relationship, it’s crucial to approach them with openness and empathy. If you notice any of these signs or have doubts about your partner’s feelings, it’s best to start a calm and honest conversation. 

Communication plays a vital role in understanding each other’s perspectives and working through any challenges that may arise. Building trust and nurturing emotional intimacy are fundamental aspects of a healthy and fulfilling partnership.

What makes your partner’s stay loyal?

You are the key to this answer. If you fulfil your responsibilities and love them unconditionally, they will more likely be loyal to you.

What to do after they have cheated on you?

If they are sorry and promise not to do it again, you should give them a chance or if they persist, give them goodbye from your life.

Raj Patel

I have gone through many complication in my relationship and life so i decided to share my personal experience with you cheers.

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