7 Signs A Guy Is Pretending to Be Straight

Guy Is Pretending to Be Straight

Are you tired of hunting for someone you are in romantic love with? For sure, many people have been there. You think you understand your partner in and out, but shockingly, something strange happens that leaves your mouth open with many questions in your mind.

If that person is a guy and you are unsure whether he is pretending to be straight, your life can be uncomfortable. You can find yourself in suspense about a person but don’t have an answer.

Nonetheless, this should be fine for you. In this context, we analyzed some vital signs of a guy pretending to be straight. Moreover, you can get better information to assist you in learning how this happened and understand how to confront the person afterwards.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and learn more about these signs, and your life will not be the same again.

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Signs A Guy Is Pretending to Be Straight

It is sometimes challenging to understand whether someone is pretending to be straight. However, living a life of not judging others is necessary. Why? Each person has their identity right.

Some signs are, however, there that can help you to understand if the person is pretending to be straight and for sure they are not.

He Is Always Uncomfortable with Conversations That Relate to Sex

If you notice your man is not comfortable with any conversation that relates to sex, then this could be an alarming sign.

In most cases, such people try all the way possible to change the topic and assume all is well. However, he becomes very violent if you insist on the same conversation.

So, from the reaction, you can tell he is hiding something about his identity. Moreover, avoiding comments or related questions can be a clear sign of pretense.

He Behave Funny Around Other Men

The other signs that indicate a guy is pretending to be straight is his actions around other men. If you find him trying to be defensive or uncomfortable with them, this is a clear sign he is trying to appear heterosexual.

Also, this person can keep talking about women or cracking jokes while near gay people. So the best thing is to learn his behavior around people as much as possible.

The Cues of His Body Language

In most cases, a guy will try to hide their true sexuality around the people. Through his body language, you can check whether he is defensively crossing his arms, avoiding other men’s eye contact, or standing away from them.

Such actions of her body can help you to learn how he feels around men. After identifying some of these indicators, you can confront him about it.

He Has No Interest in Women Friends

Naturally, men are attracted to women even if they are not spouses. It is typical to find a man gazing at a woman for seconds or flirting with them.

So, if your man has no interest in women and is not attracted to them romantically, then something is wrong. Most probably, he is pretending to be straight, but he is not.

He Is Hiding His Personal Life

Many people who hide their true identity never allow someone to know their life secrets.

In most cases, he might need to be more precise about how he spends his free time or the person he hangs out with. The guy can also be reluctant to expose his details about past relationships. Moreover, he is not ready to talk about his sexual life.

If that is the case, the guy is not honest with you. There is something he is hiding and pretending to be straight.

The Man Keeps On Staring at Other Male Gender

It is very typical to compliment and appreciate the physical beauty of individuals. So it is possible to tell your boyfriend struggles with his sexuality when his eyes concentrate on the man’s appearance or body.

He might be admiring the physical fitness or other guy style in other wards. However, his story is beyond his control if this exploring behavior is too much.

There may be what they look to know if they are sharing something familiar with the man he is staring at. So, it is good to go the extra mile and find out whether this guy is trying to hide something since he is a guy.

He Is Supporting The LGBTQ Friends

Nothing is wrong when you become curious about the lives of other people. So when a guy is interested in a fellow friend’s sexuality, it shows a big struggle in his mind.

The association of LGBTQ friends can act like a game changer where he can get time to explore other men without showing it to you.

You will, therefore, need to check whether he is asking his friends about sexual experiences, which can assist you in knowing if they are sharing the same line of relationship.

How Can You Conform This Guy Who Is Pretending to Be Straight?

It is not easy to deal with someone pretending to be straight. Furthermore, the situation can only be comfortable if you have sufficient facts. So, to confront him, you need a lot of confidence since anything can happen after the talks.

Nevertheless, it is good to try that if you feel like important things need to be addressed. Below are some of the crucial steps you can consider to make your conversation as clear and smooth as possible. Keep reading.

Consider to Ask Him the Direct Questions

If you want honest answers from someone hiding something, then the questions must be direct. Also, you need to avoid accusations or force them to talk.

You need to ask him open-ended questions. In doing so, they can address the topic without worrying about attack.

Be Keen to His Reactions

The way this person reacts while talking matters a lot. How he answers questions can tell you whether he is forced to answer, which could indicate he is unwilling to open up about his sexuality.

You can also check if he is uncomfortable while discussing topics like LGBTQ. He may have different feelings besides what he is expressing openly.

Consider Why the Conversation Is Taking Place

Before you start any conversation, the best thing is to understand the reason for it. Also, you can check whether you need to call another person to your sitting since sexual topics are more sensitive than other matters.

Thus, ensuring you are not addressing this conversation in public is vital. In most cases, men like privacy. Therefore, exposing him or questioning him publicly can make him worse than before.

If you want to handle a guy of this caliber, you must have diplomatic communication skills and careful consideration. Everyone needs to feel respected and heard regardless of how they are.

In addition to that, you need to respect his decision since you are the only person who can encourage him to change. Also, by honoring him, he can return to his senses and know he is not doing the right thing. So, handling him with excellent care is necessary when confronting him.

Understand Whether the Guy Is Violent 

Before confronting this guy pretending to be straight, you need to ensure he is not violent. Different people who engage in secretive issues have bad tempers.

You can also seek some advice from your closest family member or friend to know how you can discuss this problematic situation. Moreover, you can engage someone who has an idea of LGBTQ since they know the major areas that affect them much.

More care is also needed on your side. Make sure to engage in other activities that can help you stay relaxed during this challenging moment; after all, who knows whether you are the one who can change this guy. The best thing is to push it to the end. 


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