10 Sexual Fantasies Your Wife Probably Has

Sexual Fantasies Your Wife has

Our sexual life demands fantasies. They are a great and healthy way to fulfil our wishes. Moreover, these fantasies are locked in our memories. It is common to find recurrent sexual fantasies in women.

Some of these fantasies are based on imagination and past experiences. Besides, the one that is most prevalent among all is sexual fantasies.

I know you are asking if my wife has these fantasies. Of course! She may or may not have been talking about them to you. With that clue, can you guess what some of them are?

So the next time you engage her talk in the bed, you might get surprised with more fantasies than you thought. Keep reading to understand the seven common sexual fantasies your wife probably has.

10 Sexual Fantasies Your Wife Probably Has

Fantasies Your Wife

Meeting Up with Night Strangers

Many ladies narrate how they met with a strange guy and pushed her to have sexual intercourse. However, women, in one way or another, feel good to be with strangers since their mind tells them they will not be judged.

Does it matter? That chase is gone, and I will never experience strangers in the night again. Moreover, you will part with strangers with knowing each other’s title, which is the best part.

Group Workout

They say the more you are, the merrier it is. Do you believe it? Group sex is very common for ladies. Why? More freedom is there when people are nude in front of each other.

In that case, men and women enjoy touching each other and doing the action in each body simultaneously. However, this is optional. Never ask your friend to join you if she doesn’t ask you to.

Dominating Like Never Before

Many women are dying to dominate men like never before. So they make sure they are performing particular sexual acts with them.

Also, they teach men to suck their body parts to have a super arousal. Mostly, these ladies who want a good climax in their conjugal rights do everything they can to ensure the man gives it all.

Audience Engagement in the Act

It is with surprise that today, women enjoy sex in front of an audience. Some say it’s the thing that makes them feel sexier.

Surprisingly, you might find your woman fantasies are similar. Such woman perhaps feels as if they are acting in an erotic movie. Moreover, they feel empowered after knowing the audience is happy and excited with their good performance.

Being Innocent

Another sexual fantasy of women is to be naïve or innocent. Mostly, they admire how the man takes advantage of them, particularly when this man is influential or in a position of great power.

Rape fantasies as well fall in this category. In this case, the wife fantasizes when an expert or virile man forces her to have sex together.

Being Exotic Certified


Several women use these sexual fantasies to act like a prostitute. The main aim of this professional is to get paid after every sexual act performance with their customers.

Use of Two Men at The Same Time

Some women use this recurrent fantasy. They prefer to use two men at once while having sex. Here both men penetrate their male organs simultaneously into the woman’s vagina.

What are the advantages of sexual fantasies?

There are many benefits both women and men can acquire from sexual fantasies. Let’s dive in to learn more about them.

Spice Up Your Relationship

Working together with your partner in the area of your sexual fantasies can spice up your relationship. So, this will require both partners to be in one accord while indulging in these fantasies.

Otherwise, it can be a waste of time if you don’t act out together. However, with much concern, you can spark your sex life like never before.

Get a Moment to Identify Your Sexual Needs and Wants

Working out your sexual life with your partner can assist you in identifying your sexual needs and wants.

So, after accepting the sexual fantasies, you can identify your abilities and weaknesses regarding bedroom activities.

Introduce an Acceptance Toward Relationships

Some communities don’t allow sex topics to be discussed openly. Besides, they don’t accept such education to be taught to young people.

So, sexual fantasies can help people learn more about sex practices and how to do it safely. The fantasies can also help you enjoy pure pleasure and have strong relationships.

Are There Disadvantages of Using Sexual Fantasies?

Disadvantages of Using Sexual Fantasies

Of course, yes. All that is glitter doesn’t mean it’s always better. Be watchful! Too much of something can be harmful as well. Walk with us to learn more.

This can result in Derogative Sexual Fantasies.

Many times, when individuals watch pornography for long, they begin to form sexual fantasies. Finally, this action produces unrealistic sexual behaviour.

Also, regular use of sexual fantasies can make someone more dominant in bed and more controlling than expected. So please become careful.

Too Much Sexual Fantasies Become Illegal

In different communities, it is illegal to have sexual activities in public. So, you must check the environment surrounding you before exposing yourself to any fantasies.

Some countries termed such acts inappropriate, and whoever gets involved in it, the public can pass through great trouble. Nevertheless, nothing is harmful when it is done secretly.

Cause Misunderstanding in Both Partners

Besides, sexual fantasies can cause misunderstandings between partners. It is important to be in one mind as partners regarding sexual fantasies and activities.

However, it is possible to find that one is doing something you have yet to discuss. What an irritating situation!

Such behaviour can affect your relationship if you don’t cooperate. Try as much as possible to use the sexual fantasy you agree on. If not, a discussion about your concern is needed.

Additionally, you must communicate clearly with one another before making any decision. In doing so, your relationship will have great unity.

The Do and Don’t

It is important to obey some rules when focusing your relationship on sexual fantasies. Failure to do so will you never agree with your partner.

Never Fantasize with Anyone Else Besides Your Spouse

Your mind should always focus on fantasies about your spouse only. Otherwise, never wander about someone else since it can cause trouble in your family.

It is good to note that the more you can start imagining other sexual relationships, the easier it will be to cheat on them. So you should avoid this harmful road at all costs.

Consider to Focus Only On Attainable and Positive Things

It is important not to consider the dream you know your partner will be unable to fulfil. You must also choose the sexual fantasies that match your partner’s strength and size.

Moreover, your mind should concentrate more on your partner’s attractive qualities instead of criticizing his weaknesses compared to other people. Telling him what you love about him can assist you to fantasize more. Keep moving!

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