What Happens When A Narcissist Meets His Match

When A Narcissist Meets His Match

A narcissist is a self-centered person. They love themselves much with no empathy. What a complicated character trait it is! For sure, if you haven’t met one of them, you have no idea of the kind of people they are.

Mostly, a narcissistic relationship is a battle of ages if both partners are not liming. In most cases, this character is attracted to someone willing to give them the admiration and attention they desire. Besides, they like to live with someone they can manipulate easily.

What happens then when a narcissist meets his match? I know this is a question that many people ask. Being among these individuals, then, you are not lost. In this context, we are going to learn more. So keep reading.

It can be either a bad or good thing when a narcissist meets their match. For them to meet their match is like fulfilling their dream. However, getting someone who can worship them and give them full attention is not a joke.

What Do They Think When They Meet Their Match?

What Do They Think When They Meet Their Match

Just like any other person, a narcissist is also quick to sense a potent threat in their match. What they do is to have a manipulation of everything and ensure they are under their control.

Nevertheless, when they meet both narcissists, then this match will be more than a dangerous thing. Who among them can be ready to reduce their ego? Few things must then happen.

Let’s walk down together and see.

They Feel Attracted and Connected

A narcissist may feel attracted to their charisma, confidence, and looks after they find their match.

Additionally, they feel more connected after they look at each other. Also, they recognize from another narcissist the traits they find appealing.

Besides, they feel as if they are falling in love with themselves after finding how they are reflecting on another narcissist—a very different scenario from an average person who falls in love with another person.

They Feel Good About Their Perfect Match

The first time narcissist meets as a couple, they believe they have won someone who can appreciate their success, beauty, and their superiority.

So, both couples start to adore each other constantly. Such reinforcement is essential since it fuels each other admiration and praise.

 Anytime they post something on social platforms, they try to showcase their public displays or lavish style of affection. In such doing, they demonstrate desirable engagement.

Another concern for this power couple is that they are ever conscious of their public spitting image. So they work hard to project their success and confidence and relish the envy and attention they acquire from other people.

There is a sense of protection in this power couple. The partner can, therefore, use each other as their defense against any attacks on their self-esteem or egos. This means that when one partner is facing criticism, then the other can step in to reinforce their bond and maintain their loyalty.

In this case, a narcissist relationship is well sustained by power illusion and grandiosity. Furthermore, it is not supported by the mutual respect seen in ordinary relationships.

Both Partners Become a Power Struggle

Regardless of this power couple having a perfect relationship, the dynamics in this partnership can be disrupted by how each desires to be the best. So, instead of living happily in their relationship, the partner struggles to the extent of destroying the perfect image.

Narcissist depends on each other for ego-boosting and validation. However, as time goes by, they will experience rivalry in their relationship. Narcissists like to be superior. In that manner, they love to engage in every action that can outshine each other. So when anyone celebrates their current promotion on online platforms, their partner can try to grab that credit.

They Hate Direct Confrontation

Narcissists never accept the confrontation. They hate it at all costs. Moreover, they feel unloved after someone points out their wrongs. What they, therefore, do is try their best to be together with each other.

Such a match can seem significant to the outsider since the partner avoids fighting each other. Perhaps you won’t find them confronting each other since they avoid it at all costs.

The relationship balance might be tampered with when the narcissist is trying to take the upper hand in this relationship. Both of them can, therefore, end up in disaster. So, what do you expect in their marriage? More challenges than before.

Decide to Go Slow On Narcissist Abuse

A manipulative narcissist can make the relationship to be problematic, especially if they are dealing with someone who is not a narcissist.

Nonetheless, when they meet his match, he has no choice but to move on with the abuse of his partner. Mostly, narcissist takes advantage of abusing their partner to boost their superiority complex and their ego.

Another thing is that a selfish person looks forward to reaching a perfect arrangement with another narcissistic partner to ensure their relationship is going on.

However, some modification of their behavior is required to facilitate the needs of their narcissistic partner. Such action is not that easy to manage, though they can work hard when they see the relationship can benefit themselves.

How Can You Then Get Through with Narcissist Relationship?

How Can You Then Get Through with Narcissist Relationship

The narcissistic relationship is not as easy as you would think. It is one of the relationships that require someone to deal with a narcissistic partner.

So what is necessary here is to concentrate on your needs first. Make sure your emotions are well-guarded to be able to manage such a critical person and situation.

Let’s dive in to understand how you can survive a narcissistic relationship.

Set Your Boundaries

For you to safeguard your emotional exploitation and abuse with a narcissist, you must clearly define your boundaries.

Seek for More Support

Another important thing you need to do to survive in a narcissistic relationship is to get support from various places. These people can be family members, therapists, or closest friends. Such people can support you emotionally and, in some other cases, offer some encouragement when you have stress.

Maintain Your Self-Care

It is essential to make it a priority to involve yourself in different activities that can promote your peace and happiness.

Limit Your Contract with Your Narcissistic Partner

If possible, you need to limit contact with your narcissistic partner. Doing so can help you to determine the chances of emotional damage.

Build a Network of Support

Forming a network of people can help you to relieve your struggles. However, the selected people must be the ones who can relate to your problems.

Additionally, they must be people who can offer you a safe environment to share your emotions.

Build Your Strength Emotionally

It is also vital to make sure you are focusing on your strengths when developing various strategies to handle your challenging situations.

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