9 Physical Signs Your Wife Just Slept with Someone Else

Wife Just Slept with Someone Else

Trust is the key factor in every relationship. Staying with someone with whom you are not born together is a challenging task. You need more time to understand their character and sometimes ignore them completely.

Nevertheless, there are times you suspect your spouse is having an affair somewhere with another person. How do you feel? Is it an easy situation? Not at all.

That is a worsening situation that triggers, and I wish I knew the answers.

For sure, it is not strange to investigate a person who is cheating. Why? If your instinct is alive, then anytime a mistake is happening, you can tell it.

No one can imagine their partner sleeping with someone else. Ideally, nobody should go through the severe pain of deceit.

Unfortunately, this thing happens. Now, how can you become sure a partner is cheating? Such prediction is sometimes difficult. You want to be certain of what you are talking about.

If that is the case, understanding some of the physical signs your wife just slept with someone else will help you to determine if what you are thinking about is true or wrong.

So make sure to check on the behavior pattern and compare it with her normal character, and after that, conclude your thoughts. Keep reading to learn more.

What Are Physical Signs Your Wife Just Slept with Someone Else

It is good to go through these signs before you conclude your spouse is cheating on you. Who knows if it was just a proposal, not an act? Take it easy and understand the hidden signs below.

She Starts Behaving Funny While Near You

One of the best ways to tell your wife has a problem is through her body language. The way she could be behaving while near you can speak loudly that she had an extramarital affair.

Her body language can also tell it all that she has cheating guilt. You don’t need her to speak a word, but by examining her body language, you can conclude she avoids eye contact since she is hiding something.

Another thing is that your wife can be in the process of terminating your marriage but not saying if she started sleeping with someone else. So, if you can decide to push her further, she can speak what is in her mind.

She Starts Drifting Away from You

If your spouse has slept with another man, she will start drifting away from you. The reason is that she will not feel comfortable staying around you as before.

That, therefore, tells you she is guilty of doing something wrong. However, it is important to monitor her emotions at a distance before making your conclusion. You could learn something else besides what you are thinking about her.

She Never Tells the Truth About Her Location

For sure, lies should not be part of the relationship. Again, you should tell the truth about your location, not unless you want to offer a romantic surprise.

So when your wife doesn’t like you to know her whereabouts but keeps on telling lies about where she is, then something fishy is cooking.

Maybe she is with someone else enjoying themselves with various activities. With that said, this could be a good sign to inform you your wife is cheating and, in some cases, she is sleeping with someone else or being in preparation for doing so.

Start Using a Coping Method

Start Using a Coping Method

If your wife makes the wrong decision, she will be guilty about what she is doing. Such a character of cheating will eventually make her find the way possible to use a coping method.

That said, you will suddenly notice a big change in her daily tasks and routines. Over time, she will resort to a fake and unhealthy lifestyle. Some of these behaviors can be excessive shopping, smoking, drunkenness, or binge eating.

She Can Abruptly Lose Interest in Sexual Activities

Your wife can lose her libido abruptly. You can, therefore, wonder if there is something wrong you did to her. More so, she can lack the mood to show love to you since she is securing it to someone else. For sure, this is not something one can be happy with. It is one of the hurting situations you never expect.

The bedroom is the best place you can get a clue your wife is having an affair with someone else. Also, when your wife loses interest in sleeping in the same room, then it is likely she is securing those fantasies to somebody else.

While in Bed, She Calls You a Different Name

If, by mistake, your wife calls another man’s name, then that can be a clear indication she is thinking about another person at that time.

She could also be trying to call you names she used to spice the other guy in the bedroom. So, if that scenario appears suspicious, it can be one of the signs your wife is sleeping with another guy somewhere.

She Makes Excuse for Returning Late from Work

In some cases, your wife can be getting home late due to the workload. However, if this thing persists, you need to be suspicious of other things that could be taking place.

If you find her giving a lot of excuses for getting home late but with no explanation, this can be a sign that she might be sleeping with another person elsewhere.

She Becomes Possessive of Her Phone Suddenly

It is good to set some rules for how you will be handling your phones while at home together. Such set limits are important, and they avoid some doubt to each other that there might be fishy things happening to one of you. Again, this can help you be more careful since the other partner can detect what you are doing or communicating with.

So when you find your wife denying you her phone abruptly or begins to hide it away from you or use a complicated password, then that is the best indication that she is doing something fishy.

Again, if she involves herself in other affairs, she could work hard to ensure you don’t track her communication. It is important to investigate further to provide what you suspect is true.

She Starts Accusing You of Cheating Behaviors

Guilty people tend to be afraid. So what they do is to shift the blame to other people. If your wife keeps on accusing you of cheating and she has no evidence of your engagement or infidelity, then something wrong is taking place.

Many times, when relationships go sour, the partners start blaming each other. Likewise, if the wife is cheating, this can be one of the self-defense techniques. She could be happy to get an opportunity where you will never detect what she is doing.

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